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  1. Bill, I am interested in jjoining the NATIONAL ODOM ASSEMBLY. My computer will not let me write in the setction below. I will send my money to Dorthy and answer the questions then. Thanks, gloria Odom Bullock

  2. Kate Black says:

    I am an Odom descendant, but am having a difficult time reconciling conflicting or improbable vital dates and repeated names that carry over through generations (Richard, Abraham, etc.). I am hoping for recommendations of source material that will help me confirm and refine dates and relationships. The information on is inconsistent and family trees simply copy information that cannot be correct (e.g. people living to 120 and mothers giving birth to a first child at age 9).

    My Odom lineage (which may have inaccuracies) is:
    Jacob Odom (1685-1735) and Christiana Susannah Vick (1685-1787??)
    son Abraham J Odom Sr. (1705-1771) and Jennie J Dunn (1710-1805)
    son, Abraham Odom, Jr. (1725-1812) and Sibielia “Sibby” Barnes (1722 or 25-1779)
    son, Benjamin Wellington Odom (1744-1792) and Thamer Powell (1745-1808)
    daughter, Sibelia Odom (1752-1923) and William Neel/Neal (1748-1823)

    I would appreciate any recommendations of source material that will help me confirm and correct dates and relationships.

    I am also interested in learning about the Odom reunions if they are still occurring. Thank you!

  3. David F Odom says:

    Hi Melissa, my earliest known ancestor, John Odom / Odum (b. 1776, d. 1861 in Muscogee, GA) was said to have been born in Marlboro, SC as well! My Y-DNA subclade is I1-A6826 which is a sub-group of the haplogroup I-M253. I suspect your James and Sion Odom and my John Odom were related (maybe brothers or cousins?).
    – Dave Odom
    San Diego, CA

  4. Melissa Rubin says:

    Hello ~ I am curious as to if this website and members are still active. My 2nd great grandmother was the daughter of two Odom cousins. They were from the Marlboro County, South Carolina region. My great grandmother had written out some info on her family in the 1990s. She was 96 when she passed away in 2006. She mentioned in these family notes that two brothers came from Wales, James and Sion Odom, in the late 1600s. Both James and Sion Odom can be traced in the family line (Sion Odom on my 2nd great grandmother’s paternal line, and James Odom on her mother’ paternal line.).Is there any research on here that includes the Marlboro County, South Carolina Odoms? I am often confused by a lot of the Odom research out there, as I understand that there are different branches in the Carolinas. I know my Odom branch, according to a gentleman I conversed with and who is of my Odom line accordingly, has a Haplogroup of I-M253. From my own research with the Y-dna of Odoms, I see there are two main Haplogroups showing. The Scandinavian marker (I) and the Western European marker (R1b). I had my grandmother who is 86 do her dna for me, as she is the great granddaughter of both Odom ancestors. She has a great deal of Scandinavian and Gaelic.

    I appreciate any reply you can give me. I am interested in perhaps joining.

    Thank You ~
    Melissa Rubin

    • BillO says:

      Hi Melissa, YES we are still very active with this webpage, our newsletters, a Facebook page, National Odom Assembly and annual reunions. Our next reunion will be in Georgia this summer.
      We would love to have you join us.

      Bill Odom

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