NOA Ballad


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Music & Lyrics by Frank E. Odom

Copyright 1982

Used with permission.

1. From England, from Scotland, from Ireland we came,
Across the deep ocean, our dream to proclaim.
A new life, a new land, our aim was the same,
We’re Odoms in America. We’re proud of our name.
2. Virginia we landed, we made our way west,
Raising our children, to give of their best.
We fought for our freedom, with sweat and with blood,
We pioneered America. This land that we love.
3. We’re gathered together, a body of one.
Waving our banner, in work and in fun.
We’re tracing our history, our goal is the same,
We’re Odoms in America. May God bless our name.

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  1. Linda Odom Simmons says:

    would like to here the song .I am ODOM I am 72 years old and never heard it song
    If you could please would you put the song on forgoten Alabama and play it on here for the people that would love too here it song . Please & Thank you

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