Welcome to the new National Odom Assembly web site!  Over the course of the last several years I have been struggling with an aging, non-supported software program to maintain this site. Knowing that the next operating system upgrade will probably make the software nonfunctional I started looking into alternative means of maintaining the site.  Over the course of years since I last looked at software for site development, things have really changed!  I think you will see some of these changes evident in the new look to the web site.

The new process allows a more user friendly environment with several user feedback options. Each of the 'News' articles will have capabilities for your comments. Also there is a 'Contact Us' page users can use to provide feedback or field questions.  As a precaution, these comments will be screened by me before becoming available to the general public. 

The core of the site remains the same. We have a Public section and a Member Only section like before. The access to the Members Only will be password controlled like before with the passwords sent to current members only.

A dedicated section of the front page will be for accessing the current newsletter. I will post in the News section when the newsletters are available. 

Another feature I am incorporating into the site is a video section. As there are more and more information available on genealogy on the web, I plan on spotlighting interesting videos here.  The first one is on the 1940 Federal Census by Ancestry.com.  I would appreciate any feedback on these videos that you would care to provide.

Google maps are being used on the front page to show the next reunion site and also on the past reunions page to show the locations of our past reunions.

Links are also provided to Facebook and Twitter. Our Facebook page is getting very active and attracting new people.  The Arkansas hosts are showcasing many attractions, locations, activities, etc. for us to partake of next year.  If you have not visited the Facebook page you really should. This is the fastest way for us to share information to the widest group of interested people.

Checkout the site, push all the buttons, visit all the pages and let me know what you think!


Florida Bill



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