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  1. Dot Wise Wirth says:

    I’ve run across this ODOM family and I’m trying to connect them to my father’s family. My great-grandfather was Jasper “Jap” Newton WISE in Claiborne Parish, Louisiana, and a bunch of ODOMs settled in the same area and the similarity of the names:

    Jepp Newton ODOM?

    Lisa Preston here is the information I have on the D1 James James Edward ODOM (23505)
    George Cosby ODOM B.8-29-1899 Webster Co, Kt
    Jepp Newton ODOM B: 5 – 18- 1874 Cannon Co, Tn
    John S.S. ODOM B. 11-1848. Cannon Co Tn
    Armstead J. ODOM B. 9-25-1825 Wilson Co, Tn
    James S. ODOM B. 1802 Pitt Co, Nc
    James ODOM Jr B 1771 North Hampton. Nc
    James ODOM Sr B. Unknown So. Hampton, Va

  2. Dot Wise Wirth says:

    My daughter, Laura Wirth, is moving from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, to Raleigh, North Carolina, in March 2020. She has been to several NOA meetings with me. I’m sure our NOA cousins will make her welcome. (We’re from the same Archibald ODOM line as Fountain ODOM.)
    I’ve been a member of NOA for a number of years, attending annual meetings in New Orleans, Thomasville, Georgia (my home town), Florida, Indiana, Eufaula, Alabama (and probably some I’ve forgotten.
    Hope to be visiting all y’all in North Carolina soon!

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